Roly's Magic Show
Roly's Magic Show

Time Line for organising your party

1. Check availability of entertainer

2. Check Venue* (see link below)

3. Book Venue.

4. Book Entertainer.

5. Send Invites

6. Plan Food.

7. Plan Party Bags or Balloon models for all

8. Ensure booking of hall & entertainer are confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to party.

9. If having just a show, leave 15 minutes from party start to show beginning.

If I am providing full 2 hour party, ensure food is prepared 45 minutes from start of party.

10. Relax you are in good hands, I will ensure your party is run professionally & smoothly with all children and adults having a good time.

11. Hand out party bags & balloons as children leave.

12.  Feel free to recommend my services to your friends. (It will be much appreciated)

Party Advice & Tips

Below is a list of useful hints and tips to make your party run smoothly


1. check availability of entertainer before you book a hall. (there are more halls than entertainers)


2. Try not to over-cater. Children do not eat very much or for very long at parties. fruit & Dip Veg ie grapes, raisins, Carrots Cucumber etc are always popular & healthy.


3. I advise you not have party poppers. if you are having under 5s. Some children are frightened by the bangs. Also remember Round balloons look nice and colourful, but they are quite a distraction & popping balloons can cause little ones to be scared. Round Balloons look nice and colourful but they can scare small children if they pop.  They can also be a general distraction through-out the show.



4. Don't give out hooters before the entertainer has gone!(Please)


5. Make sure the room is big enough, but not too big, for the numbers of children you have invited.


6. outdoor parties are fine, as long as you remember: The Sun makes children hot, can burn un-protected skins, can dazzle the entertainer or children during show. Hot children become lethargic, lose concentration, fall asleep etc. Windy gusts can blow a magicians props away 


7. If having an outdoor party: Use a gazebo or other shady area (tree), ensure the children are wearing hats.  If these are not available, have the magic show indoors.


8. If there are any tots at the party ie up to 3 years, that are wondering behind the magician, please ensure the parents are aware & remove them. there can be numerous colourful items that attract them, but might disrupt the show.


9. ensure the children wash their hands after stroking the rabbit, this should apply to any animal.


10. Staying parents are fine, as long as they are not involved in loud conversation.  This can be very off putting for the entertainer as well as the children. (Besides I always try to entertain the parents as well as the children)


11. If you are having a bouncy castle as well as a magician, It is advisable to deflate the  castle before the magic show, to avoid unnecessary distractions


12. Book your entertainer as early as you can to ensure their availability.


13. when deciding which entertainer to book, ensure he talks to you as an adult, giving you all the information you require, clearly stating the fully inclusive price, treating your call as courteously and professionally as any business should.  (that's me!)

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